Our history, our Earth

In the heart of the beautiful countryside of south-east Tuscany lies the family Del Buono's farm called "La Piccola Cantina".

Its vineyards extend over the green hills of Cervognano , a hamlet of the town of Montepulciano in the province of Siena.
The characteristics of this precious land , rocky and hilly area situated 350 meters above sea level , promote the production of red wines structured .

"La Piccola Cantina" was born thanks to the hard work of Ghino and Miriana Del Buono in 1960 who are dedicated to the production and direct sale of Red Wine and White Wine Table .
In 2009 his son Claudio decides to expand production and to proceed with the bottling of the wine.

Since that date, "La Piccola Cantina" selecting the best grapes of Sangiovese and Cabernet, offers the famous Vino Nobile and the great Rosso di Montepulciano. The first is bottled after three years of aging in oak barrels, the second a year later .

Near the winery is located the shop point that from 1951 offers to visitors the service of sale and tasting of wines accompanied by tasty sandwiches stuffed with cured meats and Tuscan cold cuts and with excellent local cheeses carefully prepared by Cinzia Del Buono, the daughter Ghino and Miriana.

Our family, our values

The family Del Buono, who is passionately dedicated to the production of Montepulciano wine since over fifty years, is composed of Ghino father, his wife Miriana and children Claudio and Cinzia.

The strong link between the characteristics of the territory and the great experience of family winemaking craft Del Buono gives the wines produced by "La Piccola Cantina" a full-bodied flavor and an intense aroma every year Ghino and his son Claudio select only the best grapes of Sangiovese and Cabernet to offer Nobile and Rosso di Montepulciano unique taste that encompasses years of tradition.

The harvest is done manually in the period from late September -early October. During the various stages are carefully selected mature grapes to ensure the quality wine with an unmistakable flavor .

Miriana and her daughter Cinzia are dedicated to provide sales and wine tasting at the point of the Shop. Every day, with enthusiasm and kindness, endeavor to prepare croutons, sandwiches and to accompany the tasting glass of wine and the sale of local products of high quality ( local cheeses, and pici pasta, meats and cold cuts, genres different ).

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