An appetizing stop

By way of Montenero n. 13 Cervognano (SI), next to the entrance to the basement, is placed the point of Refreshment "The Little Cellar", which since 1951 offers a pleasant stay taste to visitors.

At its core, indeed, you can taste the excellent wines from the cellar accompanied by delicious sandwiches and tasty bruschetta expertly prepared by Cinzia Del Buono.

All the ingredients are of high quality and from the surrounding areas, ranging from sliced cold cuts, from Pienza pecorino cheese typical of the area.

In addition to delight your taste buds with the delicious preparations of Cynthia and good wine you can buy tasty Tuscan sauces made to match maybe a pack of pici, tagliatelle and other pasta in the area, olive oil, a variety of flours and polenta, nooks and dry cakes and a range of quality products ideal to give as gifts or to enjoy with friends.

Not only delights for the palate

For those who want to carry a memory of these beautiful hills, inside the shop he can find the artistic creations of Cinzia.

Small paintings, ornaments and souvenirs for home taste floral and bucolic that recall the colors and lights of the Tuscan countryside.

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